What’s the offer? Winning Free Twitter Advertising Consultancy?

How much would you like to spend only 20% of your marketing budget and still get better results? What that’s worth to you?

£500, £1000, £2000, £5000. It’s your job?

How much would you pay a Twitter Marketing Consultant for 2 days?

£1000, £500, £300, £200 ….?

How’s about you pay NOTHING. That’s right you pay nothing…



Normally I charge customers for my marketing consultancy  at a rate of around £250 – £300 a day.

Considerably more for training businesses in the techniques I have learnt over the last 10 years.

Now for August only…
I am offering my help for FREE.
To set up and tweak your new Twitter Advertising.

Why do Twitter Advertising at all?

If you haven’t seen already, Twitter is growing and growing, Twitter Advertising is also growing, and so is the opportunity to get your marketing campaign a positive return on investment.
But opportunities don’t last forever. Can you remember when it was all about Google Adwords, and then the costs went up? Can you remember missing the Facebook Advertising boat and losing out? Twitter is the next one to go. 
With a huge reach, lots of users on mobile (around 60% in the UK) and an early adopter mindset, Twitter is THE place to get more customers (want to read more about it click here.)
twitter monthly active users
But WHY am I offering my services for FREE?
Working-For-FreeIt’s simple. I am making a new product on the huge opportunity that is Native Twitter Advertising and I want to use your company / product / service or brand as a case study chapter.

What’s the deal?

I will do two days work for you, for FREE, creating several high ROI twitter campaigns for you, tweaking them to maximize their efficiency and getting your business the leads it needs.

free-labourWhat do you need to do?

Have a product / service that is ready to go. Ideally something that needs leads / email addresses / downloading.

Then you simply provide the budget for the advertising (anything from £50 to £500), this is controlled by Twitter and you decide and limit this – before the advertising starts.

And… I never have your bank details.

What else do you need to do?

Advise me on brand and tone for the tweets, give your website / app / game a bit of code to monitor conversion rates, provide some graphics if need be and then agree to the tweets created.

twitter-ad-great image Todd Wasserman

What to do right now?

Sign up to be one of the first 5 businesses to get the chance to get my consultancy for FREE (ON THIS PAGE HERE.) 

And I will be back in touch with you on whether your business has been successfully chosen.

Here’s to you and your future success.

Yours Dan Sodergren.

P.S. With Twitter Advertising I successfully cut Justaxi’s marketing spend by 80%.

P.P.S. This type of marketing works particularly well with anything mobile i.e. apps, games and mobile optimised sites and offers.

P.P.P.S This offer is only open for the first 5 businesses picked in August 2014.

Coursera makes first foray into K-12 education with online courses for teachers

Am on a great course from Penn Uni on Gaming – totally for free – amazing …. all thanks to MOOC and this wonderful site.


Coursera, one of the driving forces behind the MOOC (massive open online course) movement reshaping higher education, is bringing its disruption to K-12 schools. But its target audience isn’t the students; it’s the teachers.

On Wednesday, the startup said it had partnered with several schools of education and other institutions and museums, including schools of education at Johns Hopkins University and the University of Virginia, the American Museum of Natural History and the Museum of Modern Art, to bring free professional development courses to teachers via the web.

“We looked at our technology and realized that for 7-year-old kids, streaming university content for them wasn’t going [to be effective]. But the lever for that 7-year-old kid may be to help them get a better teacher,” said Coursera co-founder Andrew Ng.

Most school districts don’t have the resources to offer quality professional development programs that match the interests and needs of individual…

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Ring, ring! Skype video calls arrive in the browser … with Outlook.com


People pining for Skype(s msft) video calls directly in the browser have something to look forward to today, provided they use Outlook.com for their email. On Tuesday, Skype announced a preview of web support for its audio, video and instant messaging services in Firefox, Internet Explorer and Chrome(s goog). The service is integrated directly with Outlook.com, making it easier to make and receive Skype calls directly from your inbox.

Skype is rolling out the new service Tuesday in the U.K., with the U.S. and Germany to follow in the coming weeks. Worldwide availability is expected over the next four to five months.

Being based in the U.S., I can’t test Skype over the web just yet, although I’d like to since I use a browser-based Chromebook Pixel as my full time computer. In the meantime then, I’ll have to be satisfied with this Skype demonstration video:

Note that in…

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Online budgets increasing – and right so :) – according to new report from Nielsen’s Vizu

Despite marketers’ continued struggle with measurement of brand advertising, more than half (63 percent) will increase their online brand advertising budgets, according to a report from Nielsen’s Vizu. In addition, 20 percent of respondents said that those budgets would grow by 20 percent or more.

Looks like we were right to start advising our clients last year to be doing the same.

Thanks to Visu and FierceCMO’s for the report below.

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Let’s all celebrate the power of Twitter – hip hip horray – hip hip fridays!

As twitter changed the way it allows us marketing folk to theoretically advertise on it’s platform yesterday, I say theoretically as at the moment it is not for us in the UK but only for USA big boys until later on …. boo boo

Anyhoo, I thought I would celebrate with some great twitter stats found on http://expandedramblings.com a marketing site which I love and I know you will too.

Some great marketing twitter stats….

Here is More DMR Twitter Coverage

and if that wasn’t enough to keep your thirst for Twitter stats quenched, here is a handy infographic from LinchpinSEO that gives us a bunch more Twitter usage data.

Twitter stats
Twitter Cheat Sheet , an infographic by Linchpin Infographic Design

Here are a few amazing Facebook stats

Here are a few amazing Facebook stats that illustrate just how vast their empire is.

And the nice thing is you can show off to peeps with them with one click and tweet them to your masses – thanks to http://expandedramblings.com

Twitter BIG news from yesterday – very very relevant when it hits the UK shores and let’s smaller companies give it a go :)

Twitter has offered interest-based advertising for some time, but we’re notifying this is a big deal since from today it offers targeting based on intent shown by keywords in a similar way to Google AdWords.

The way this works is that when someone tweets and it contains a targeted keyword, a promoted tweet can be delivered as this example of a request for a coffee coupon shows!

BrandRepublic reports that several companies looking to drive awareness and transactions have used the approach including Everything Everywhere (@EE), MicrosoftJapan(@SurfaceJP), Walgreens (@Walgreens) and GoPro (@GoPro).

For GoPro, which offers wearable and gear-mountable cameras, engagement rates as high as 11% were seen and more than two million impressions after testing keyword targeting in timelines across four marketing campaigns.

This advertising is not Google-like in that it is still for larger advertisers since a minimum spend of $5000 is required and it’s currently only available through the API.

TYPICAL TWITTER (Ed – Dan Sodergren)

It’s unlikely Twitter will grow significant ad revenue without offering the platform for smaller advertisers like all the other social platforms and search engines. It’s understandable it wants to prevent Spam so advertising is only through account managed relationships which add to the cost for advertisers.

As otherwise it would backfire and hurt us all the long run as twitter streams could become  interrupted and clogged with ads?

The next question is will Twitter in it’s wisdom offer a premium priced ad free service, or, claim the inevitable ‘relevant ads add value to timelines’?

Only time and twitter will tell 🙂