So where will Augmented Reality really have its day? In Reality…

Augmented reality is already cementing its place in retail. But according to an article on, music retail may be the business area with most to gain, as the software has the potential for album covers in-store to trigger samples and teaser videos that can be viewed in real time on mobile devices.

The flagship store of a music retailer recently enabled shoppers to scan selected DVD covers in order to view film scenes and character information, the article reported.

In the physical retail space the technology is also applicable to clothing, triggering catwalk videos for in-store items like posters, garments and magazines, allowing brands to maximize the number of channels it has for engaging with and selling to the consumer.

There is no doubt that there is a major opportunity for large retailers to adopt augmented reality, or individual products that incorporate the technology as an additional promotional channel, but making the technology part of the entire physical purchasing experience remains largely unchartered water.

Current economic constraints dictate that every new revenue stream must guarantee a return, so to give augmented reality the greatest chance of mainstream success it must be paired with sufficient mobile phone network and internet capacity. If this happens the in-store shopping experience could be fundamentally altered, allowing retailers to tap into the way in which people share information electronically and benefitting from one of the more traditional methods of generating sales – word-of-mouth.


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Now that’s what I call good marketing 😉