Twitter better than your own website at converting b2b leads….surprising?

We all knew that twitter would be better than Facebook for business to business but a surprising fact supported by research is that twitter might even beat your website!

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Know I love gaming…and business. So perhaps I should launch a mobile gaming business..

Know I love gaming…and business. So perhaps I should launch a mobile gaming business..

I would be in good company if I did. As Zynga seems to be doing rather well.

Zynga Game Network is the #1 social gaming company on the Web. Zynga was founded specifically to add a social element to casual online games. 

A great principle. Which I think I can take into the Business to Business realm with a novel twist. Because people  love games, and people (even business people) love them most when were playing with / against friends! Social games provide a more fun, competitive and contagious experience. Zynga delivers on the promise of social networks, making it easy to connect with old friends and make new ones. But what it doesnt do is allow brands to make games mini promotional tools for them…. It also has rather needed Facebook to be successful.

However, Zynga has just unveiled a new platform intended to eliminate fragmentation and allow gamers to play Zynga games across different operating systems and portals such as Google’s (NASDAQ:GOOG) Android,  Apple’s (NASDAQ:AAPL) iOS, Facebook, Google+ and the Web.

During its Zynga Unleashed event today, the company introduced the multiplayer feature that lets multiple gamers across a variety of devices play with, or against, one another simultaneously.  

In addition, the company hopes to grow its collection of games, especially for mobile, with a new Zynga API that allows third-party developers to create games for Zynga. In conjunction with this initiative, Zynga introduced a partner program to bring more developers into the ecosystem and social network, separate from Facebook.

Zynga’s announcements today aren’t surprising considering the company has repeatedly said it wanted to reduce its reliance on Facebook and grow its presence in mobile  Zynga accounted for 15 percent of Facebook’s first quarter revenue.  

The company also reported that it has 292 million users and 22 million mobile users.

So the growth area is mobile with a nod to social.

As i blogged about many years ago – it’s all going to go LosoMopho.

It’s just what bits will go first. i.e. Location, Social, Mobile and Photo.

Perhaps it is more PhoMoSolo 😉

Confucius or just me being confused

Been reading – love that – actually had the time (no taken the time) to read.

With the baby coming (11 weeks to go and our first) might not have that much more time for self development.

Had already taken a year out after selling Spearfish (my second company – the events / marketing one) so should be ready.

Anyhoo loving some of this from Confucius and realised that it didn’t really go in my marketing blog or tweets – after people started to question what my philosphical ramblings were on about.

So popped it here instead – Enjoy

“The Master said, (the good man) does not grieve that other people do not recognize his merits. His only anxiety is lest he should fail to recognize theirs.”

“He who by reanimating the Old can gain knowledge of the New is fit to be a teacher.”

“Tzu-kung asked about the true gentleman. The Master said, He does not preach what he practices till he has practised what he preaches.”

“The Master said, A gentleman takes as much trouble to discover what is right as lesser men take to discover what will pay.”

“The Master said, To men who have risen at all above the middling sort, one may talk of things higher yet.

But to men who are at all below the middling sort it is useless to talk of things that are above them.”

“The Master said, Who expects to be able to go out of a house except by the door? How is it then that no one follows this

Way of ours?”

“As to be being a Divine Sage or even a Good Man, far be it from me to make any such claim. As for unwavering effort to learn and unflagging patience in teaching others, those are merits that I do not hesitate to claim.”

“I have never yet seen anyone whose desire to build up his moral power was as strong as sexual desire.”

And then one from me – Only 3 things in the world: money/time/energy. The 1st made, the 2nd cannot be bought + the 3rd comes from a vast resource called motivation

It make a difference before you start – trust me 🙂

Ok you might not have seen it – have a look

I got something forwarded to me the other day.

I dont even know whence it came (check out me, I say wence)

It came from the ether of the internet from that ever changing mistress of the ephemeral distraction – the twitter feed.

Pop back and we can chat about it.

Have a look –

Now what do you think? Is it real or is it a great marketing idea?

For me, old gazer behind the curtains of the wizards of oz, its a very obvious social media campaign by someone

I.e. it’s a hoax – just like the classic youtube social faux pas – which launched the idea of things going viral on the net.

The woman chatting with friends at a party, a bit drunk about her boss, and he is stood behind her…

If you never seen it – worth a look – it’s on youtube.

Anyhoo, it just made me think about how things go viral – and how somethings are obviously meant for the social space.

However, after reading the wonderful book by Brian Solis (the new grand-daddy of all things royally kick ass in the social space) he has made me rethink the simplicity of it all.

I suppose as he so rightly puts it…we are all here to relearn 🙂

Being at UKfast host’s – Round table on E-learning

Was very proud today to be part of a future thinking think tank – a round table discussion on elearning and mobile education – with some very clever people at UKfast.

One question we covered together was what possibilities do Apps, iPads, networked games consoles bring about in education and training?

Good point especially with what is happening…

In the world of the net – not only are some BIG things happening with what the net might be in the years to come (totally free / not so free) – but there are some BIG players entering the Ipad world as well.

With even the BIG man himself, Murdoch, reckoning Apple will sell about 15m iPads this year and more than 40m by 2012, with more being made by other manufacturers.

But let’s be fair, estimates for the potential size of the market vary wildly. And most of them even from really clever paying people have been horribly wrong.

As Guardian Tech, reports,

“A couple of months before the iPad launched, ABI Research estimated that 4m could be shipped this year, rising to 57m a year by 2015. But on the run-rate reached since the device launched in the US in April, Apple should exceed 4m this month.

At the start of the year, research house Gartner reckoned 4m tablets would be sold this year – including the iPad. After the iPad’s success that estimate is now 14m.”

So we can all be wrong about numbers what we can’t be wrong about is the change that this can make to education.

After reading Clay Shirky’s wonderful ‘Here comes everybody’ and ‘Coginitive Surplus’ you can see the role of teacher and trainer to be seriously under attack.

We can all be the teachers – or the facilitators of learning – as Lord Puttnam’s new film about education puts it ‘We are the people we’ve been waiting for’.

However will ipads really make a difference in education? The potential is massive but…. the tablet market is still small compared with the PC and the mobile phone markets. Sticking with Gartner’s figures, the 14m tablets in 2010 compares with an estimate of 1.4bn mobile phones and 366m personal computers.

For mobiles – the number of mobile phone subscribers has doubled in the past five years. This figure is expected to rise by 10 percent to 5.6 billion in 2011.

So is it ipads or iphones that we should be looking into for training people and changing education / e-learning – I think you know what I feel.

Mobile is the future – and mix this with social and you get things to be very funky indeed.

Marketing in a way is like teaching (especially when you teach people marketing) so perhaps we should all look at facilitating rather than teaching.

Changing people from not buying your products – to loving what you do – now that is ‘great marketing’ and how internet marketing works.