Has Facebook –

Has Facebook has it’s day? Not by a long shot it would seem.¬†

I have been doing a few more workshops as of late – which is nice – and this has kept me busy. But more and more I hear about Facebook losing out to other forms of social media especially amongst young people i.e. teens and the like ūüôā¬†

Now as a part time social media marketing trainer and someone who loves a bit of Facebook PPC for clients I am a little shocked by such ideas. Not that the demographic for Facebook would change Рas these things always happen, but more at the speed of it all. 

According to Social Media Today ‚ÄúFacebook‚Äôs growth period has clearly come to an end, with Comscore reporting an end of December 2013 user base of just over 31 million users. December 2012 it was around 1.5 million higher.”¬†

But be careful of such claims as you go to Fanalyzer –¬†http://www.fanalyzer.co.uk/demographics.html# – and they say that Facebook is in rude health. With¬†36 million users in the UK, some¬†58.06%¬†of the UK population and some¬†72.57% of the UK’s¬†internet users.

Not bad at all for Facebook I would say.¬†However, how many are active? And I wonder how many you really do reach with a marketing message. Not saying that Facebook’s advertising algorithm is dodgy but…¬†

It all depends on the marketing message and the product or service. But perhaps my client at JusTaxi should re look at Facebook as not just a customer service portal opportunity and an advertising platform to help downloads, but as a demographic changer and an integration partner.

Would a function where you can sign up through Facebook help people interact with our app more?  

As Social Media Today conclude…”Brands looking to target very young or fashion conscious individuals will certainly be needing to look elsewhere, although there are still approximately 2.5 million 13-17 year olds using the site. The largest demographic remains the 25-34 year olds, with just under 26% of all users falling into this age bracket. Regardless of what the teens are doing, this remains the single largest concentration of consumers on any social media platform, so businesses writing Facebook off do so very much at their peril.‚ÄĚ

Perhaps the Justaxi demographic really is more older professionals in the suburbs and mums needing to go to the shops with kids and no car – rather than trendy young people coming back from trendy bars at trendy times in the morning (and you can tell how old I am from the ironic use of the word ‘trendy’)

Who knows? What I do know is that from our findings so far, we will need Manchester’s taxi comparison app to exist a lot more in the social space if it is going to survive at all.¬†