5 Common Pitfalls When Setting Up Mobile Game Analytics

5 Common Pitfalls When Setting Up Mobile Game Analytics

A great article written by trevor.mccalmont@w3i.com who as a games analyst for W3i, has had the unique experience of going through a plethora of analytic mobile platforms his  has witnessed nearly every analytics provider’s capabilities, strengths, and weaknesses.So here are his hints and tips for us mobile games analytics pros.

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Facebook is losing it’s social power, especially amoungst teens…. be afraid.

So what are the next generation thinking – or even the one before them 😉

Now working with a mobile game company like dojit – who make games for this demographic – I have been charged to look into this from a marketing POV.

I was a little shocked at the results from most of my research which tells me – Facebook’s days as the teen channel of choice are numbered.

In fact, my own research into just people in my close family told me that they instagram, tweet and snapchat more than Facebook – but anyhoo….

Thanks to http://justinflitter.com – I discovered this Piper Jaffray report , ‘Taking stock with teens’. The report uncovers where teens spend their money, which brands are winning and which are falling out of favour.  

They surveyed over 5,000 students with an average age of 16 years from average to high household incomes.

Here are a few snapshots I found interesting:

Do you shop online?

So almost 80% of teens shop online but they prefer not to…

The top 5 ‘Write on’ social media sites called out by teens are:

  1. Wanelo – Shopping 
  2. Vine – Twitter 6 second video app
  3. Snapchat – instant messenger
  4. Kik – instant messenger
  5. 4Chan

But when we talk about social networking sites…

So Facebook is loosing traction and is now on par with YouTube. Twitter is just ahead of Instagram and both Google+ and Tumblr are less important to teens since 12 months ago.

In fact Facebook is 9% down on a year ago. This could elude to teens trying to find their own platform and the dominance of mobile as the predominant social device.

Mobile Devices

  • 48% of teens own an iPhone compared to 40% last year
  • 62% of teens plan on making iPhone their next mobile device (flat vs. Fall 2012)
  • 51% of teens surveyed owned a tablet computer from 44% Fall 2012

Teen habits are changing super fast. Brands face the challenge to be relevant and maintain relevance season to season. 

Brand managers have a huge task just keeping up with where teens are talking and what they’re talking about.

I am just happy that they are not using some new form of communication outside of mobile just yet!