Yesmail Interactive finds out that ‘shock horror’ almost half of B2B emails opened on a mobile device

Almost half of all B2B emails are now being opened with a mobile device, according to a new quarterly report from Yesmail Interactive.

“Interaction with email on a mobile device continues to trend upwards,” the report said. “While many have projected that mobile adoption is reaching the point of saturation, and is thus slowing its growth, the trending data available from the last three quarters of 2013 would suggest otherwise.”

The report, “Email Marketing Compass,” based on 6.4 billion emails sent in the fourth quarter, found that 48.3 percent of all B2B email opens occurred on a mobile device in the fourth quarter, up from 45.9 percent in the previous quarter. Overall, 55.0 percent of email opens happened on a mobile device, representing a 13.0 percent increase in mobile opens between June and December 2013.

Yesmail’s report also found that the increase in B2B mobile opens and clicks is coming at the expense of the desktop. In the fourth quarter, 53.0 percent of B2B emails were viewed on a mobile device only, up from 50.3 percent in the previous quarter. Meanwhile, 46.0 percent of B2B emails were viewed on a desktop only, down from 47.6 percent in the previous quarter.

Additionally, the number of people in the B2B sector who use both mobile and desktops to view email is declining rapidly, according to the report. In the fourth quarter, 1.0 percent of B2B emails were viewed on both mobile and desktops, down from 2.1 percent in the previous quarter.

“While the fact that mobile opens and clicks continue to rise at a consistent pace is not surprising, it is compelling to know that email subscribers are now more likely to view emails exclusively on their mobile devices,” the report said. “In only 6 months, the number of mobile-only email viewers has increased at a rate, almost inversely proportional to the decline of hybrid viewership over the same period.”

So it’s not really a surprise – what surprises me is how many people still send long eshots that haven’t been designed mobile first.

All our customer facing emails at Justaxi – Manchester taxi fare comparison app – have to be mobile first. As we are as a company. But I suppose we are a mobile app after all and B2C….. 🙂