25% of YouTube’s One Billion Users are Mobile!

Clients ask me what is the future of marketing (I kid you not, they really ask that kind of question) – my answer is always MOBILE, video and gaming.

Looks like I am not that off the mark as Youtube gets 25% of it’s traffic from mobile and tablet sources – which is probably why they have just gone all responsive with the design.

But according to some this is not enough, as while YouTube has done a good job so far of addressing its growing mobile user base, the revelation that the total number of active users recently reached one billion for the first time points to the need for the company to quickly scale up its mobile efforts or risk getting left behind in this fast moving segment.

According to Mobile Marketer, while desktop users are still the biggest users of digital video on YouTube, mobile accounts 25 percent of YouTube’s user base and continues to grow. In fact, YouTube said this week that the amount time spent watching YouTube via smartphone by Gen C users – those who have grown up accessing content across multiple channels – increased 74 percent in the past year.

“Mobile users make up approximately 25 percent of YouTube’s one billion users, mobile has played an enormous role in YouTube’s growth to date,” said Jason Stein, president of social media agency Laundry Service, New York. http://bit.ly/X6oY2o

So it looks like my answer to the question what’s the future of marketing is not so far off the mark 🙂